The World Is Not Flat – and Neither Are Flat Roofs

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Flat roofs are a mainstay of commercial roofing – in Cleveland and all across the country. But did you know that they are not truly flat?  Don’t worry, there are no conspiracy theories involved! It is just a simple question of physics (if you can call anything having to do with physics simple!).  The Facts

Lighten Up! 3 Ways Skylights Can Brighten Your Home

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You don’t have to be in roofing to know Cleveland is not exactly at its best in February.  If you look up the records regarding average sunshine in Ohio in February, you will find that Cleveland averages only three sunny days in February. If you throw in the partly sunny days (days when clouds cover

Is It Too Cold in Cleveland for a New Roof?

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If you live in Cleveland, you probably take frigid temperatures and heavy snow in stride. The experienced team of professionals at our residential and commercial roofing company are not different. It takes more than a few inches of snow and a wicked wind chill to stop us in our tracks. Nevertheless, it is safe to

Celebrating the Holidays Under One Roof

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There’s no need to wait until Thanksgiving or even Halloween to start celebrating the holidays. Our Cleveland, Ohio roofing pros work hard to install new residential and commercial roofing as well as to handle roof restorations before Cleveland’s winter weather sets in. But that doesn’t stop us from finding time to celebrate the holidays –

The Top Roofing Trends

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Most people think of a roof as something that is pretty standard, something that doesn’t change much with time. So, sometimes our Cleveland roofing customers are surprised to discover that there are trends in residential and commercial roofing in Ohio.  Roofing might not be as trendy as fashion or home decorating, but styles and materials

Choosing the Right Roofing Material

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Here, at All Weather Roofing Contractors of Ohio, we work with different kind of materials. These days, you can find roofing options to satisfy even unique requirements of quality and taste. It’s a big improvement over just a few decades ago. If it’s been a while since you had to think about your Cleveland roofing,

Basic Roof Components: Understanding the Terminology

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Commercial and residential roofing is our job at All Weather Roofing, and we pride ourselves not only on our work as one of Cleveland’s best roofing contractors but also on our satisfied customers. Many of our satisfied customers prefer to let our team of professionals take their project by the reins, leading them through it,

Pandemic Pressures on Roofers

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As we begin a New Year, here at All Weather Roofers of Cleveland, we are taking a moment to reflect on how Cleveland, Ohio, roofing has changed due to Covid-19.  The global pandemic has given us pause as we interact with others, and commercial roofers as well as residential roofers are no exception. The Roofing

Topping Out the Year

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Construction professionals around the world – including commercial roofers – have a tradition called “topping out” that takes place when the final beam is put in place on a new building project. “Topping out, or topping off, ceremonies are a time-honoured tradition that signify the successful completion of the structural phase of a project,” the property

Give Thanks for Safe and Solid Roofing for Cleveland

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Thanksgiving will not be the same this year – the global pandemic has thrown the holiday season into disarray – but there still are many reasons for all of us to be thankful, including the roofing over our heads in Cleveland. Home is where the heart is, so whether you are preparing a safe, socially

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